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What to Look for in Your Hudson Valley IT Company

Not all IT Companies in the Hudson Valley are Equal

Server RackImagine the frustration you feel when your computer freezes after having spent the better part of your day diligently working to meet a deadline and all of your hard work is lost or you sit down at your desk ready to start your day and your PC will not boot up. You place a service call to your IT vendor expecting a quick fix however instead of speaking to a technician you are given a “service ticket” number with an estimated 24- 72 hour response time or even worse you are instructed to leave a voice mail and a representative will get back to you at their “earliest convenience.” Believe it or not, these are very common scenarios and even more common IT provider responses. These types of situations are not only bothersome to employees but can severely affect a company’s productivity. Now imagine the same scenarios above however this time you get an immediate response from a helpful member of our staff. At Fisch Internet Solutions client satisfaction is our number one priority. Imagine the relief you will feel when you are greeted immediately by a friendly, knowledgeable member of our IT division. Our standard is to always have technicians available to our clients for immediate remote support or same day on-site support, typically within one hour!

Your 5 Steps to Picking the Correct IT Company

  1. Call during both normal business hours and after hours.One of the most important aspects of IT support is being available when the client has a need. A good way to ensure that your needs will be met is to place a call during normal business hours. Do they answer? If not, how long did it take to get a call back? If so, was the individual that answered the phone able to assist with your request?Another thing to take into account is whether or not your company will have a need for after-hour support. If so, familiarize yourself with the potential provider’s normal operating hours. How does this align with your needs? Place a call to the prospective provider after-hours and notate your findings.
  2. When you call do you speak with someone locally and an on-site employee of the company?It is very important to assess the level of support you will receive when you place a service call. Are you able to speak directly with an on-site employee or does the potential provider use an outsourced call center to field service calls? Was the individual that answered the phone knowledgeable and able to answer your questions? If not, were you immediately transferred to a representative that was able to assist with your request?Many companies find it very important to deal directly with the IT staff that they have built a relationship with and find it very frustrating to deal with a call center that is unfamiliar with the details of the company.
  3. When you place a service call, was the call directly forwarded to the Owner/Technician’s cell phone?Up front it may sound like a great feature to be able to speak directly with the owner whenever a call is placed, however it is more important to ensure that the company offers a minimum of 2, preferably 3 or more, technicians that will be available to assist with your lower level needs.Depending on the size of the company the owner may wear multiple hats, such as technician, bookkeeper and call center representative all rolled into one. Managing multiple facets of a company may have a negative impact on your needs. Being bogged down with larger scale projects or emergencies may result in your needs being placed on the back-burner.In all my years of providing IT support, this is the number ONE reason why we take on new clients from other IT firms. I cannot stress enough the importance of thoroughly researching this topic and ensuring that your needs will not only be met but you will be fully satisfied with the service you receive.
  4. What is the IT provider’s process and experience?Although this question may seem like a no-brainer, I have found that many times this simple question is overlooked. I recommend asking what type of ticket / project management system the company uses to manage all of their projects and service requests.Also, find out how many clients they service. It is important to consider the number of clients to the number of on-site technicians that will be available to handle requests. Are any of their existing clients comparable to your company size? Do any of their existing clients utilize similar technology as you?The most important thing to remember, ask for references! It is always a good idea to contact the references that are provided by the IT Company; however it is just as important to ask around. Remember, the company is going to provide you with a list of satisfied clients. Do your homework!
  5. Last, but not least… Financials!Currently the going rate in the Hudson Valley for general IT services range from $75/hour up to $125/hour. With that said, the provider may offer several choices when it comes to cost. Some providers choose to charge a flat monthly fee, they may offer a token system that allows you to purchase a block of service hours for a specified time period, or they may charge a straight hourly rate.
Once you have done all of your homework and have found the IT provider that best fits your needs, the last step will be to iron out all of the details! Don’t settle for a mediocre IT provider, make sure you specify your needs and expectations before finalizing a contract.

    If you need any assistance during your search for the perfect IT provider, do not hesitate to Contact Us! One of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members will be more than happy to assist you with your needs.

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