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We provide low-cost solutions for Real Estate Agents and brokerage firms. From custom email addresses to setting up remote offices, no task is too big for our experienced team.

The All-You-Will-Need Tech Package for Real Estate Agents:

Sign up now and get an Apple iPad 10″ Tablet with unlimited data to show your properties! Plan includes:
Unlimited Tech Support (Remote) File sharing and backup   Your own business phone line with texting to your clients Security agent on your computer   Your own URL (ie: with a single landing page Custom e-mail address (ie: [email protected])  and the free iPad!

Starting at: $299/ mo

The All-You-Will-Need Tech Package for Real Estate Agents:

Real estate firms in the Hudson Valley are searching for long-term information technology assistance to facilitate maximum client satisfaction and company security. At Fisch Solutions we understand the importance of providing the highest standard of IT support for real estate firms.

Managed IT services allow an organization of any size to outsource information technology (IT) to an external Managed IT Services Provider. Working with a managed IT services provider means more time and resources to focus on the core functions of a real estate agency. Outsourcing managed IT services also allows clients in the real estate industry to focus on the important task at hand – finding the right location for them.

A difference between an IT managed service provider and a traditional IT department is that the managed services provider makes strategic decisions regarding IT needs and proactively presents them to the client. In this model, the managed services provider provides solutions to the client, acting as a consultant to guide organizations to make the best choices possible regarding IT related to their unique business needs and goals.

An IT managed services provider’s role in an organization is determined by many different factors, including the client industry, business needs and goals, current infrastructure, and any compliance/security measures specific to that industry. For example, in real estate not only is there a vital need to protect financial and personal information, but there is a need to exchange sensitive information with buyers, sellers, and banks. Transferring this information is risky without professional technological assistance. Managed IT services can maintain both security and accessibility for all parties involved.

With the introduction of so much new technology across all industries, clients can accomplish more and become more efficient. However, with that same level of room for innovation comes more risk for challenges, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. Fisch Solutions offers strategic IT management for documents and contracts to remain secure. These records can be protected with the implementation of managed IT services.

Managed IT services make it much easier to maintain a website presence that professionally represents a company. Statistics show that 44% of customers begin their home search online If a real estate agency’s website is down or not responding, that company is guaranteed to lose business due to a lack of customer access. Managed IT services enable a functional and responsive site, while allowing potential buyers to navigate the website conveniently for increased leads and business. Because of this high percentage of online homebuyers, day and night web presence is essential for revenue growth. If a customer visits a site that is not operating smoothly, that customer will move on to the next. The customer expectation is that the site is available 24/7, which requires around the clock monitoring and support. This will aid in avoiding critical breakdowns, security breaches, viruses, and hacker attacks.

In result of this around the clock site availability, it is becoming increasingly more common for people to view and purchase real estate online from the comfort of their homes. Therefore, real estate brokers need 24/7 access to the multiple listing service (MLS). The MLS database tracks property listings and allows brokers to offer more options to their clients. A managed IT service provider can ensure this uninterrupted connection with the MLS database. This way not only are the customers provided the constant access they need, but the real estate agency will be in constant online contact with the customer.

Cybersecurity is a key component in incorporating a managed IT service in real estate business. Without the necessary software updates being consistently enforced, cyberattacks are much more likely to compromise confidential information. Older systems are prone to hacking and viruses in the system. Many agencies are used to implementing Google Drive and Dropbox to store this sensitive information. Managed IT services use more advanced and secure storage software to avoid leaking private customer information.

How will implementing managed IT services help increase productivity?

Implementing managed IT services will help increase productivity by no longer interfering with the agent’s ability to be out in the field assisting clients. Managed IT services offer real-time assistance while real estate agents are in the field closing deals. Therefore, instead of an agent spending time combatting technical difficulties that may interfere with a deal, the managed IT services can resolve the issue. This system facilitates a better relationship between customers and real estate agents. When a customer is having technical difficulties with the website or can’t reach their agent, the customer may feel inclined to switch agencies due to frustration. With a clear technological slate and simple communication, customer satisfaction peaks.  

Customer satisfaction is a top priority in real estate. Without satisfied customers, a real estate agency will lose credibility, resulting in major financial consequences for that company. At most real estate agencies, the agents need to distribute their time between checking properties with clients and going to the office. At times agents even need to work from their home. Hiring a managed IT service will make communication easier by offering a Voice over Internet Protocol system (VoIP system). A VoIP system allows someone to make calls through their internet connection instead of a regular landline or a mobile network. This allows sharing a phone number across multiple devices. Calls made to that number can be answered from any other device that uses the same number. This eliminates missed calls from customers and the need for call transfers. Then agents will be more available to both other real estate agents and clients. VoIP is also less expensive than traditional methods of communication.  

Do you support software and applications typically used in the real estate industry?

At Fisch Solutions, our IT experts understand how software and applications used in the real estate industry are used and what precautions must be taken. Our team is here to support real estate clients with software and applications, including but not limited to the following categories: 

The software tools most often provided or encouraged by firms are e-signature (83%), comparative market analysis (82%), electronic contracts/forms (80%), and multiple listing (79%).

  • Salesforce
  • BoldLeads
  • Zillow
  • Propetrybase
  • kvCORE Platform
  • Placester
  • Pipedrive
  • Structurely
  • RealScout
  • HouseCanary
  • io
  • Cloud CMA
  • Spacio
  • Dotloop
  • ShowingTime
  • Expensify
  • Constant Contact
  • Winmore/Netmore
  • Account/Edge
  • Quickbooks


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