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Phone Systems / Communications

VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol

Businesses in general aim to improve customer satisfaction, increase productivity, and save money among other all at once. While such goal is a challenge, businesses are able to achieve such with the use of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol.

What VoIP Is

1. Ethernet Connection: VoIP phones are plugged directly into a router and connect to their service providers using the Internet. Thus, your business is able to save money because there is no need to buy additional hardware. As businesses have an existing Internet connection, they are able to take advantage of the Internet to send voice information digitally. In bypassing conventional phone lines, basic costs for regular and international calls are reduced; that is because calls are done over the Internet.

2. Mobility: With VoIP, employees can get connected through their smartphones, office desk phones, and any VoIP-enabled device. Since the connection is done over the Internet, whether they are at home, in the office, or at a café, employees are able to use VoIP as long as they have access to the Internet, keeping them informed anytime.

Beautiful smiling woman working on her laptop and talking on cell phone

3. VoIP Applications: VoIP does not require a desk phone for your phone number to work. Instead, service providers offer applications for your smartphones and laptops, which can further decrease hardware cost. Further, your business can reduce the number of physical lines as each of your employees can have their own virtual extension.


Why Your Business Needs a VoIP Phone System

1. Cost Effective: Compared to landlines, VoIP is commonly a more cost-effective solution because it does not require additional on-premise hardware. You can use the devices you already own. You pay just one fee per month and no additional costs including your phone lines!

2. Reliable: VoIP exists in the cloud rather than a single piece in an office. Think of using VoIP as a typical service month-to-month subscription where the service is managed by the provider and hosted in the cloud.

3. Mobile: VoIP is the ideal option for businesses that need to stay connected when employees work remotely. Provided they have Internet access and VoIP-enabled devices, employees can be kept in the loop for any necessary information anytime, anywhere.

Features of a VoIP Phone System

Desk Handsets, Conference Phones, Computer Desktop Phone, Smart Phone or Tablet App Phone and Portable Phones

Having a VOIP Phone system allows you to have many different devices and features! You can have a traditional Desk Handset, conference phone and portable phone. As well as use your phone system on a smart phone, tablet, or your computer!

Page all Devices 

If you need to quickly say a message over your speaker system with our paging devices you are able to page an entire department, floor or group of people with just one button!

Auto Attendant with Multiple Options 

An auto-attendant helps answer, escalate, and route all incoming calls. You don’t need a human switchboard operator. We can set your auto attendant to change during business hours, after you are closed, weekends, and even Holidays! When a customer calls into your business they will be able to easily get to the person or department they need with a easy clear menu to choose from.

Call Hold and Transfer 

There are times where you need to transfer a call but give your coworker a heads-up a call is coming there way. By placing the call on hold then transferring you are able to speak with your coworker before the outsider caller goes through.

Do Not Disturb with Call Push to Other Users, Voicemail, or Your Mobile Device.

Do Not Disturb
– On a webinar, or having a one on one in your office and need your phone to not ring? Do Not Disturb is an amazing feature that will silence your phone so you can focus on your work.

Push to Mobile Device
– If you are on a call and you need to step away from your desk, you can easily pick up the call from your mobile device without dropping the call!

– Sometimes it is so much easier to be able to read your voicemails than to have to listen to them. With our VOIP Phone System you can get a trasnscribed voicemail right to your email!

What Fisch Offers that Many Others Do Not

 For a Fisch Phone System or your own

 As sometimes an employee needs to deliver urgent messages, they can benefit from using this feature quickly and be heard through the speakerphone. Also, anybody can alert an employee if there is a call waiting on park.

If your business wants to enhance security within the workplace setting, using door buzzers – also known as intercoms – is a good fit. With this feature, businesses have an excellent method to set up authorized users who can have access.

Say that the background noise in your workplace is much, your business should consider choosing the ringer your VoIP comes with. With loud ringer, you are given the freedom to go anywhere without neglecting office calls. This way, you are able to attend to any important call your business receives.

As the name suggests, business can employ this feature if they want to record incoming and outbound calls; however, recorded calls can give more benefits other than the fact that conversations can be kept. Through recorded calls, businesses are able to boost customer support quality assurance by, for example, identifying which aspects of the transaction with a customer should be improved. Also, recorded calls can function as employee training in which managers can pinpoint whether an employee is excelling or needs improvement.

With the use of VoIP, you may have an access to the local emergency center assigned to your location. Therefore, anywhere there is Internet access, you are able to send an emergency tip, and emergency operators gain access to your information and send you help.

Plain Old Telephone Service or POTS – also named as your phone line – can be replaced by a modern telephone system such as VoIP. While both the analog (POTS) and VoIP phone systems offer calling features, VoIP deliver much greater functionality at a reduced cost. With functions, such as auto attendants, automatic call transfer, voice to email transcription, and cloud sharing, communication among employees – wherever they are – leads to productivity and efficiency.

Fisch Solutions servers the Metro New York area and is open to those in need of help with VoIP solutions. Whether your business is in Hudson Valley, Dutchess Country, and Orange Country, Long Island, New York City, Northern New Jersey, or Western Connecticut we are here to help you set up your modern phone system.

Let us hear about your moving to VoIP!