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Clients | Government (Local and County)

Federal, state, regional and local government IT clients nationwide are looking for long-term IT solutions and management that provide excellent customer service and cybersecurity in the digital age. At Fisch Solutions, we offer stellar managed IT services for government clients. Our team of business experts brings extensive IT knowledge to clients and a comprehensive understanding of government operations and innovative technology solutions.

According to Finances Online, spending on technologies and services that enable digital transformation worldwide amounted to $1.3 trillion in 2020 (IDC, 2020).

Partnering with Fisch Solutions unlocks the potential for local, state, and national government clients to deliver more effective services for Americans. Government services include local, state, and federal government institutional units, including those responsible for housing services, emergency medical services, and municipal courts.

Digital Transformation for Government Clients

Our team of business experts understands the importance of IT to assist the government sector with responsive services to citizens and assists with building stellar infrastructure and implementing/supporting the use of government applications. The COVID-19 pandemic impacted government agency operations in part by changing the model of how employees work, including a shift to remote work. According to NextGov, “…one survey found that over 80% of U.S. government officials believe their agency is not as technologically advanced as it needs to be to cope with new challenges and opportunities.”

One way that government clients were affected during the COVID-19 pandemic was in regards to digital transformation. The term “digital transformation” refers to adopting technology to help improve efficiency, value, or innovation. Many government organizations were affected due to the need to have a rapid shift from an in-office infrastructure for work to one that supports an extensive network of remote workers. Since 2020, many government entities have seen the success of IT partnerships and digital transformation in teleworking, cybersecurity, and digital services.

To learn more about IT solutions for government services, give us a call today at (845) 590-1630.

What are managed IT services?

Managed IT services allow an organization of any size to outsource information technology (IT) to an external Managed IT Services Provider. Working with a managed IT services provider means more time and resources to focus on the core functions of a government organization and the ability to serve the public more effectively. Outsourcing managed IT services also allows clients in the government sector to focus on project management, security and compliance, and bid tracking.

A difference between a managed IT services provider and a traditional IT department is that the managed services provider makes strategic decisions regarding IT needs and proactively presents them to the client. In this model, the managed services provider provides solutions to the client, acting as a consultant to guide organizations to make the best choices regarding IT related to their unique business needs and goals.

A managed IT services provider’s role in an organization is determined by many different factors, including the client industry, business needs and goals, current infrastructure, and any compliance/security measures specific to that industry. For example, for government entities, clients will need to ensure their IT solutions cover the intricacies, costs, and overlaps of governance requirements (such as HIPPA, GLBA, and FISMA).

With the introduction of so much new technology across all industries, clients can accomplish more and become more efficient. However, with that same level of room for innovation comes more risk, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. Fisch Solutions offers strategic IT management for government clients led by a team of experts who possess a deep knowledge of the ever-changing digital landscape and cybersecurity requirements/protocols.

How can implementing managed IT services help a government organization?

Implementing managed IT services in the government sector can help clients in this industry with a multitude of its core functions, such as:

Bid Tracking
Estimating and Take-Off
Project Management
Accounting Systems
Data Archiving
Cloud File Sharing
Remote Access
Security and Compliance

According to research by McKinsey and Co, within just the first eight weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S., consumer and digital business adoption accelerated five years forward as more consumers turn to digital experiences when shopping, managing finances. More, it makes sense that individuals are also looking for more digital experiences when interacting with government services. Partnering with Fisch solutions can help government clients ensure they are being productive and efficient when providing services to the public.

In addition, a survey conducted by Accenture found that about two-thirds (64%) of people prefer to engage with a virtual agent if the government agency offers it. Having these digital options available for users allows them to interact with a government client outside of regular business hours and provides for a less time-consuming experience, which also boosts consumer satisfaction with the services offered.

The pandemic also highlighted the weaknesses of legacy systems that some government clients are still using and the need to modernize them. Data, AI tools, applications, and other forms of a more modern IT infrastructure allow for a higher quality experience for users and a stronger government client overall.

How can managed IT services help cut costs at my government organization?

Choosing to work with a managed IT service provider like Fisch Solutions allows IT departments in the government sector to automate some of its processes, which can help cut costs. Many government clients struggle to make up for expenses associated with the pandemic, and automation allows for digital processes within government departments, agencies, and other clients to be done quicker and more efficiently. By investing in digital transformation as well, government clients can offer a better quality experience to users.

What IT support do you offer for a government organization?

Our team of IT experts understands the complexities of the role in IT in the government sector. We offer excellent IT support in the following: cloud computing and visualization, mobile access and apps, and consulting needs to meet a client’s business goals and challenges.

Our team understands the issues a government client may struggle with regarding IT needs, such as new compliance regulations, cybersecurity attacks, remote work infrastructure and support, and mobile device support. We offer on-site assistance, technical support, and remote support to make certain your needs IT infrastructure and needs are met to ensure IT optimization and business productivity.

For more about our 24/7 support services, please call us at (845) 590-1630 or visit (insert link here).

Do you support software and applications typically used in the government sector?

In the digital age, more government organizations are turning to software and applications to help them house administrative data and many government files. Using software specifically designed for the government sector can help these clients with data integrity, transparency, and collaboration between the government and citizens. In addition, after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many government clients offer users digital experiences, and software and applications can help with providing an excellent customer experience.

As government organizations introduce more and more software and applications to help streamline core functions and optimize user experience, they also invite more challenges such as technical difficulties and cybersecurity needs. At Fisch Solutions, our IT experts understand how software and applications used in the government-industry are used and what precautions must be taken. Our team is here to support government clients with software and applications, including but not limited to the following categories:

  • Review
  • Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT
  • Envision
  • PayIt
  • HighBond
  • Quorum
  • GovPilot
  • AchieveIt
  • CitizenLab
  • SmartGov
  • EngagementHQ

For more information about IT solutions for your government organization, please give us a call today at (845) 590-1630, and a representative from our team will be happy to discuss an overview of the solutions we offer.

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