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Who Is Fisch?

About | Who Is Fisch?

We Are Not Another IT Company, We Are Different, Our Customer’s Like Us… A lot…

At Fisch we learned early on that the most important thing that we do is serve our clients. As we brought on more clients, we almost always heard the same story. XYZ Tech Company never had time for us, ABC Geeks promises they will handle our outage but they never showed until 2 weeks later, and so on. We wanted to be different.

So like any customer focused company, we set a list of company values that we still live by today.

  • Customer Retention Over 90%. Since Day 1, we have been able to keep over 90% of every customer we ever done business with as a client.
  • Reputation. We are proud to be listed as a BBB Accredited business with an A+ rating.
  • Tried and True. Fisch has been in business for over 15 years now. A big accomplishment that shows we are here to stay.
  • Quality Improvement Programs. We constantly monitor our response times and make improvements as needed. From analytical software to our customers word, we are always improving ourselves.
  • Most Importantly, Our Client’s Say So. We are listed online with over 50+ 5 star ratings and take the good with the bad to constantly improve. See for yourself, just look to the right ->

The Team

In a business, the team is the company. They are the ones on the front lines and the ones who interact with the customers. A great team produces great products and is why Fisch focuses on building a great team. At Fisch we are proud of our diverse group of 20+ employees from the Hudson Valley region of NY and beyond. We do not out-source and are proud to employee local talent. Our diverse team is made up of multiple generations from millennials to baby boomers and everything in between. It includes both women and men, as well as people of many different backgrounds and cultures.

Our Roots. Fisch's. Since 1919.

Fisch’s can be traced all the way back to 1919 when FIS founder Jason Fisch’s Great-Grandfather, Abraham Fisch, founded Fisch’s Men Shop. Fisch’s as a men’s shop and as a namesake has become an icon for Beacon, NY where the shop lasted three generations. The clothing store was a Beacon landmark from 1919 until 1993, when the economy of the nation transitioned from Main Street USA shops to malls and big box stores effectively closing the doors to the company. In 1993, Fisch’s entrepreneurial drive continued with Jason’s father founding Fisch’s Pools and Spas which continued in business to the passing of Alan in 2014. 

From this business background Jason became the fourth generation of Fisch business owners and founded Fisch Internet Solutions. Today Jason continues to provide high quality web and IT services with the same level of service and passion that Abraham had done in 1919.

Memberships and Groups

Our business and community organizations are what allows us to better serve our clients. Working with other area, regional, and national groups allows us to grow as a company as well as find the best ways to serve our customers.

Awarded / Invitation Groups

Chamber of Commerce Organizations

Fire Department Industry Organizations

Partnerships and Brands

Public Safety Solutions

Skyfire is the leading public safety-specific sUAS company in the country, and they offer organizations the equipment, flight training and ground courses, grant assistance, and FAA consultation necessary for organizations to not only acquire their blanket and jurisdictional COA, but to fly safely and effectively while minimizing liability. Fisch is proud to represent SkyFire as its northeast partner to provide public safety organizations in the northeast with drone programs.

Let's Talk!

We are always ready to talk and help your business get the IT services it needs from in person at one of our three offices to a simple brief online Teams meeting. Feel free to stop in or reach out any time!

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