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Law firms across the Hudson Valley are striving to meet an elite security standard on digital
platforms. A managed IT service can serve as a long-term solution for law firms to maintain a
high standard of technological proficiency and protection in this age of cybercriminal activity.
Fisch Solutions offers a company constant security as well as expert knowledge and customer

Managed IT services allow an organization of any size to outsource information technology (IT)
to an external Managed IT Services Provider. Working with a managed IT services provider
means more time and resources for a law firm to focus on the development of each individual
case. Outsourcing managed IT services also allows clients in the industry to focus on the
important advice and information offered to them by their attorney.

A difference between an IT managed service provider and a traditional IT department is that the
managed services provider makes strategic decisions regarding IT needs and proactively
presents them to the client. In this model, the managed services provider provides solutions to
the client, acting as a consultant to guide organizations to make the best choices possible
regarding IT related to their unique business needs and goals.

An IT managed services provider’s role in an organization is determined by many different
factors, including the client industry, business needs and goals, current infrastructure, and any
compliance/security measures specific to that industry. In the legal realm specifically, document
management, email encryption, time tracking, billing contacts, case calendars and more have
resulted in a greater need for IT infrastructure security.

With the introduction of so much new technology across all industries, clients can accomplish
more and become more efficient. However, with that same level of room for innovation comes
more risk for challenges, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. Fisch Solutions offers
strategic IT management for law firms to combat these risks with constant protection.

Implementing managed IT services can be beneficial for a law firm in many ways. First and
foremost, a lack of updated IT modifications can create major risks for a law firm’s clients and
practice. A managed IT services provider such as Fisch Solutions will recommend quality security
protection and IT management processes to keep all operating systems and applications up to
date. Managed IT services help a law firm to reach compliance with the continually shifting
government guidelines when it comes to software updates. A legal company must meet
compliance for data security. Without compliance, documents will not be properly stored in the

safest and most effective way.
Legal IT support has also become a top concern of legal firms due to document collaboration,
video conferencing and mobile devices. The consequences of a cyber security incident in a work
environment with such a large amount of sensitive information being shared on the go could be
detrimental. It is not uncommon for an attorney to need to access information and documents
outside of the office. A managed IT service will ensure that this out of office access is secure.
This managed IT service will help improve the mobility of your team’s data by putting systems
into place that allow your team to securely access data anywhere they have an internet

With budgeting and prioritization of cybersecurity, law firms can rely on managed IT services to
ensure the confidentiality of this information. One of the most practical routes for a legal
organization to take regarding cyber security includes a firewall, advanced endpoint protection,
and security measures around email and data storage. Fisch Solutions can ensure better and
easier protection of operations and data, regardless of where the information is being accessed.
Cyber security training is an important piece of keeping your business safe from phishing, CEO
fraud, malware, and efforts to steal data. As law firms rely on the confidentiality, integrity and
accessibility of its data, the lack of security awareness can lead to severe income loss and
reputational damage. So, it’s imperative for law firms to partner with a right Managed Service
Provider to have a protected journey.

Currently, fewer than 60% of law firms have a “formal” IT budget, and 25% of law firms have no
IT security policies. Source:
Law firms hold bulk capacities of sensitive and confidential data of their firms, employees, and
clients. Without the protection of Managed IT Support, law firms are a lucrative target for
cybercriminals. Any company storing such valuable data is likely to be a victim of hackers, which
is difficult to prevent without professional IT assistance. Many law firms are also preferring a
managed IT services provider over an internal team due to cost-effectiveness.
Not only does a managed IT service provide access to leading cybersecurity technologies, but it
is a more affordable route for businesses due to floor space, human resources, and
infrastructure. Instead of having several IT experts on staff regularly, Fisch Solutions allows for
24/7 help when needed. Having IT experts in office every day may seem helpful but is typically
unnecessary. If there isn’t a constant income of IT mishaps to resolve, this person may have little
to no work to do some days. The company is then paying a staff member to be there that may
not need to be. Additionally, these extra employees are not only getting their hourly wage, but
are also getting health insurance, benefits, and equipment costs all at the expense of the firm.
Fisch solutions can eliminate much of these costs while simultaneously providing faster and
more efficient protection.
Implementing a managed IT service is also a great opportunity for overall enhanced
productivity. IT hiccups are inevitable in any organization but should not directly halt operations.
Fisch solutions will help minimize company downtime by establishing redundancies, security
measures, and disaster plans that shield your organization from issues or threats that impact
productivity. Issues such as server failures and slow internet will no longer negatively impact the
team’s ability to work efficiently, as these issues will be resolved rapidly while the internal team
is still working. The additional mobility and IT support also allows the team to make the most of
their workday by working when and where they need to. Workers will be able to resume work
from remote locations at home or with clients. This productivity upkeep results in protection of
profit. Fisch Solutions can ensure this protection to maximize the productivity of every workday.

Fisch Solutions employs a help desk to effectively keep track of all IT issues. A legal help desk is
an interactive tool used to meet customer needs. When a customer or client sends in a request
for assistance, that request is funneled into a system that allocates the ticket to a support
member from our team. This ticket is tracked, assigned, and supervised to guarantee quality
communication with the client is met. In a law firm without a set system, clients can be
overlooked or delayed in communication. This creates a work environment that is frustrating
and difficult for customers. Managed IT services eradicate these frustrations by using this
structured and logical system. This system also allows the client the chance to express their
level of contentment after the issue is resolved. The help desk is a great tool for reliable
communication when it comes to client concerns.

Do you support software and applications typically used in the legal industry? (Please edit the
list as needed)

At Fisch Solutions, our IT experts understand how software and applications used in the legal
industry are used and what precautions must be taken. Law firms are also constantly expected
to keep up with software compliance updates. We use the most up to date technology to
guarantee the highest standard of efficiency and ease. Our team is here to support legal clients
with software and applications, including but not limited to the following categories:

●Amicus Attorney
●Sage Timeslips
●LexisNexis PCLaw
●LexisNexis Time Matters
●Practice Panther
●E-discovery and trial presentation applications
●Email archiving, storage management, and compliance software
●Practice and case management software