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How to Get Our Hudson Valley based #GOFisch Helpdesk to Assist


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Our Help Desk Is Always Ready To Help!

Fisch Solutions sets up a help desk to provide clients – businesses and individuals – with technical advice and assistance to further and better product experience. Through this help desk, Fisch Solutions assists in solving installation problems and login issues among other technical concerns with the expertise brought by Fisch’s IT team.

At Fisch Solutions, IT Support Perfectionists are honed to implement a consistent tech support and equipped with knowledge about IT products and services. However, Fisch Solutions believes that the technical support imparted to clients not only helps them have a go at addressing technical difficulties, but also Fisch pitches in to guarantee that clients feel successful at their computer-related tasks and projects with IT matters ironed out.

Benefits of Using the Help Desk: Our IT Support Perfectionists P.A.V.E.

1. Productivity: Chatting or emailing IT specialists at Fisch Solutions with respect to technical issues helps solve these matters quicker. Thus, businesses are at chances of focusing on other operations that drive up progress.

2. Actual Support: Fisch Solutions addresses technical issues though actual communication with local IT professionals online. If not online, business may request that IT professionals schedule on-site visits for immediate response.

3. Variety of Resources: Fisch Solutions prides their IT Support Perfectionists on not only credentials and training but also adequate resources to deal with any technical issue – not to mention their work experience in diverse industries.

4. Employee Support: One way or another, employees may feel defeated or frustrated out of technical challenges that are intricate and/or taxing. Hence, Fisch Solutions sees that an outsourced tech support helps ease these encounters, leaving employees happy.

Meet two of Fisch Solutions’ IT Support Perfectionists:



“I mainly work on Web Projects, e-mail migrations, and I also help as a remote tech to assist customers with any issues they are having on their computer.

Web projects – I help a customer (…) between them and our web designer.
Email migrations – I assist customers with switching from one mail provider to Office 365.”

Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 10.57.57 PM


“…I think my specialties are ROVER installations, computer hardware, and printers/copiers/MFPs. I’ve been doing a lot of ROVER installations, so I’ve gotten pretty good with the flow and procedure… as well as the troubleshooting…I’ve been around computer hardware for years, so I’m able to diagnose and repair computers fairly well when it comes to hardware, which is often beneficial for troubleshooting and keeping clients happy. And finally, I worked with MFPS, printers, and copiers for a while…, so when those issues come in I’m normally able to fix them fairly quickly and efficiently, much to the appreciation of the clients.”

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We are always ready to talk and help your business get the IT services it needs from in person at one of our three offices to a simple brief online Teams meeting. Feel free to stop in or reach out any time!

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