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Nonprofit organizations in the Hudson Valley are working towards utilizing consistent information technology assistance. An IT service can provide faster and easier protection for a company with a large goal in sight. Nonprofit organizations scarcely have time to focus on technological faults when the workday is consumed by outreach and fundraising efforts. Fisch Solutions can ensure that a nonprofit’s business hours are solely focused on the vital mission by providing managed IT services.

Managed IT services allow an organization of any size to outsource information technology (IT) to an external Managed IT Services Provider. This ongoing technological support and protection is efficient for all parties involved. Working with a managed IT services provider means more time and resources to focus on the core functions and goals of a nonprofit organization.

Outsourcing managed IT services also allows clients in the industry to focus on the nonprofit’s mission and fundraising efforts.

A difference between a managed IT service provider and a traditional IT department is that the managed services provider makes strategic decisions regarding IT needs and proactively presents them to the client. In this model, the managed services provider provides solutions to the client, acting as a consultant to guide organizations to make the best choices possible regarding IT as it relates to their unique business needs and goals.

A managed IT services provider’s role in an organization is determined by many different factors, including the

Client Industry

Business Needs and Goals

Current Infrastructure

Compliance/Security Measures

specific to that industry. For example, in a nonprofit organization, there is a vital mission to fulfill that must take precedence over IT changes and concerns. When the focus is redirected from the mission to IT issues, fundraising and brand awareness goals take longer to achieve.

With the introduction of so much new technology across all industries, clients can accomplish more and become more efficient. However, with that same level of room for innovation comes more risk for challenges, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. Fisch Solutions offers strategic IT management for nonprofit organizations to keep confidential donor and company data private and secure.

In a competitive landscape of non-profits, managed IT services can separate a good company from a bad one. Technology can transform and enhance an organization by implementing solutions, while simultaneously protecting member and donor data. With non-profit organizations comes a large database of memberships and donors relying on the company to protect their information. Implementing IT support for a nonprofit can keep the company consistently up to date with the newest patches for security issues.

A managed IT service provider can tend to customer needs more quickly and efficiently. If an issue arises where a user is unable to access their account, the service provider can troubleshoot the problem to find a solution.

Nonprofit fundraising technology can exponentially help an organization reach its annual fundraising goals. Working with a managed IT service can help outline the goals and metrics needed for your fundraising campaigns and utilize various technologies to propel your efforts. A company-personalized giving program can result from the use of a service provider. Most nonprofits are in the dark about the fact that 45% of global donors are enrolled in a monthly giving program. This revenue stream is no longer limiting a company to fundraising campaigns being the primary source of funding. With the use of a managed IT service, a nonprofit can be fully funded by a collection of monthly donors that are invested in the company mission.

Managed IT services can help protect a nonprofit’s confidential information by deploying multi-layered cyber security framework to repel cyber attackers. It is way too common that cyber defense and acceptable risk are sacrificed to facilitate business operations. Managed IT services can professionally balance these competing objectives.

We do offer cloud migration services, which prove to be a great choice for nonprofit businesses. The cloud is especially beneficial for small nonprofits that do not have the space or manpower to maintain multiple servers on their own. The cloud can even provide a cheaper alternative for

Data Storage

Email Servers

Accounting Systems

if a nonprofit already manages its own servers. Cloud computing is becoming increasingly more imperative to the functionality of data storage for nonprofits. It is something every organization should consider. Cloud service providers are also accustomed to servicing many companies at one time. Instead of a nonprofit having an internal team trying to manage the cloud, cloud services can do it faster and cheaper.

We do offer data analytics and business intelligence services for nonprofit organizations. Data analytics can be a great way for a nonprofit business to gain funding and improve overall efficiency. In addition, data analytics can help a nonprofit identify patterns of giving. This information can help an organization predict donor behavior for planning purposes. This can be a great tool for monitoring the company budget and finding new potential donors. Many nonprofits already utilize data to their advantage. The trick is harnessing this collected data to make it useful, leveraging the power of data analytics for nonprofits through professionals who speak the language of data with fluency.

Business intelligence services can help by telling you what your nonprofit’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are and what to do to alter those indicators. This way a nonprofit can measure time and effort to understand what is working for them and what is not.

Some of the major benefits of using business intelligence are

Also, business intelligence can result in faster and more accurate reporting, analysis, and planning. This is because with the use of business intelligence, a company can track internal issues through each individual department. This allows a company to target where an issue is coming from and allows the opportunity to define a solution for the issue.

Do you support software and applications typically used in the nonprofit industry?

At Fisch Solutions, our IT experts understand how software and applications in the nonprofit industry are used and what precautions must be taken. Fisch Solutions is also prepared to serve as a means to put company executive focus on the organizational mission. Our team is here to support nonprofit clients with software and applications, including but not limited to the following categories:

  • Salesforce
  • Qgiv
  • Bloomerang
  • DonorPerfect
  • Neon One
  • Double the Donation
  • DonorSearch
  • Kindful
  • Quickbooks
  • Fund-EZ

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