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Tech Support & Managed IT

Tech Support & Managed IT

Managed IT Solutions

What Makes Us Your Best Option

Our in-house systems auto monitor systems performance and security and automatically fix issues before they are an issue.

What Makes us the Best Hudson Valley IT Support Provider

Local | Service Focused | Solution Focused

Company Leadership

Are you frustrated with your current IT setup? Tired of your team complaining about tech problems? We can help.

Company Finance Leader

Want to bring costs under control or get the support you need for key projects? Want to actually budget for IT each year?

The Company IT Guy

Want help short-term on a current project or specialized skills? Need an extra hand managing all the IT issues?

The "Designated" IT Guy

Want to get IT off your plate and into the hands of people who know IT in and out? Focus on your actual job by having an outside IT firm handle it all.

How We Help Differently

Service Vehicles

We have a fleet of wrapped service vehicles backed by a staff of trained experts ready to help.

Physical Locations

We have several physical locations based in the Hudson Valley, NY with a help desk trained and ready to assist.

Business Success Rep

We have a person on staff who’s job is it to make sure customers stay happy and if not what we can do to make it better. to vCIO | We have a vCIO assigned to all our MSP accounts to ensure that each account is communicated with at least twice a month proactively.

Training & Partners

As the IT field is always changing, so are we partnering with the best vendors with the newest tech to make sure you have the best, affordable solutions for your business.

Highly Desirable

On average we have a 80% win rate on project bids and often score a 5-star rating

National Network of Techs

Working with IT techs from around the country, we have the experience and ability of deploying and supporting systems anywhere in the US.


We are one of the few Iocal IT companies that has the privilege of working as a partner with one of the largest telecommunication companies in the country and have deployed over 100 projects around the country for them from 1 user to 500 user environments with offices from New York to LA.

See What Our Clients Say

All Your IT Services You Need Under One Roof

IT Planning / Budget
System Procurement
Consolidated Billing
Low Voltage Wiring
Wireless and 4G Boosting Systems
Management of all IT Services

Managed IT Services for Small Businesses

– IT Support for Construction
– Law Office IT Support
– IT Support Manufacturing
– Healthcare IT Support

Areas we Cover for IT Support Services

Although Fisch serves clients around the country, the Hudson Valley region in New
York is our backyard and we are proud to
serve the following communities:

Message from the CEO

I want to make sure you pick the right IT company to help your organization. Be sure to visit the article on How to Find an IT Company. As always, please call me direct anytime at 845.896.1800 so I can discuss with you how we can help your business and why we are the best option.

– Jason Fisch

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Let's Talk!

We are always ready to talk and help your business get the IT services it needs from in person at one of our three offices to a simple brief online Teams meeting. Feel free to stop in or reach out any time!

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