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New York Based Microsoft 365 Migration Specialists

Migrating to Microsoft 365, formerly known as Office 365, is a good move, but the question is, “When do you plan to migrate to Microsoft 365?” Moving your mailboxes to Microsoft 365 asks for certain requirements just like any other installs of software or app in your computer, tablet, or phone. When you do not use O365, we assume that you take care of your own email servers or let a third party does such responsibility for you. However, as you decide to transfer your accounts to O365, you should know the benefits of employing a system that does such task on a cloud. O365 offers cloud-based system that takes care of all of your updates and maintenance, and does such even when you are off your computer – say you are sleeping or not in front of your device. Back to the requirements, we have written an overview of the requirements before you proceed to migration. Make sure you get all these read before that big Yes.

Experts in Microsoft 365

Fisch Solutions is home to talented IT support perfectionists who will aid you in migrating to O365 once you make that big decision. About our techs, our Computer Solutions Masters are equipped with the needed tools and skills to help you move your mailboxes. As they come from various technical qualifications and certifications, we proud to state that they are more than able to help you succeed in migrating from your on-premises servers to Microsoft 365.

Some of Our Recent Projects

How long does O365 migration take (ideally) with our help? Is that fast enough?

Determining how fast O365 migration takes actually depends on a number of factors, such as system requirements, number of mailboxes to be migrated, the type of migration to be used which is dependent of the type of on-premises email of the client or the version of Exchange, and Internet connectivity. When a ticket concerning Migration to Microsoft 365 is assigned to one of our techs, the tech is given detailed information regarding the client’s request. In this regard, the tech knows the customer that makes the ticket, where the solution should be delivered, and when the deadline is. Whether you have below or above 2000 mailboxes to migrate, we do our best to be of assistance to you from pre-migration to post-migration.

3 Phases of Office 365 Migration


  • Provide an overview of Microsoft 365
  • Company evaluation as regards, the number of mailboxes, system requirements, Internet connectivity
  • Assign a migration expert
  • Estimate migration timeframe
  • Migration

    • Synchronize accounts to be migrated
    • Run migration tests on sample users
    • Conduct appropriate method of migration (cutover, staged, hybrid, IMAP)
    • Constant updates in migration


    • Inspect migrated files, mails, calendars, and active directories
    • Check for technical issues as a result of migration
    • Provide training to users of migrated mailboxes
    • Open customer support on platforms, such as phone, chat, and email

    What Else Case We Do?

    Custom Sharepoint setup.

    Groups, Files, we do it all 

    Custom third-party services.

    Encrypted e-mails and enhanced security

    Setup of user desktop experience for all user devices.

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