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Tri-State (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut) IT Managed Service Provider Guide

Tired of constant IT Issues? Do you always need to call your IT company and they never call you? A MSP may be your answer.

What is a MSP?

1. Cost Effective Technology Services

The benefit of a MSP is that they often have access to the latest technology at better price point. Additionally, an experienced MSP understands how to best price IT services for even not-for-profits who have tight budgets.

2. Security and Dependability

Cybersecurity is a complex ever changing aspect of IT. Everyday you see another company, government organization that is breached and now in the news. Compliance is becoming even more of a concern as well as the government is beginning to enforce IT standards. At the same time, downtime is expensive for an organization. You need dependable, well-engineered technology solutions for your organization.

3. Access to Knowledgeable and Specialized Talent

An issue with in-house resources is that they are often limited in scale and knowledge. An MSP is made up of a diverse team of experts. To deliver a full-scale toolkit of technology solutions, MSPs employ technology professionals who are experts in individual aspects of IT. For example, an in-house IT resource may have a broad range of IT skills and knowledge, an MSP has multiple experts in IT, cybersecurity, networks, etc., to support your business or organization.

4. Scalability

With an in-house team, your organization is responsible for managing personnel as the size of your company changes. In other words you may have to hire and fire IT people often. When working with an MSP, they can scale to support your organization as it changes as a full-service provider or even to just supplement your existing IT staff in a co-manage program.

5. IT Team Availability

How often do you need IT support? The hours spent on support personnel can add up quickly and if you have an in-house IT team that might mean a lot of OT. An MSP partner can be a more efficient option for your organization as they are designed to scale on demand. What happens during the holidays or if your only IT worker is sick? You may be without an IT resource, where working with a MSP, they can always back fill. 

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