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Commercial Services

Our core business is providing IT solutions to business, government, emergency services, and not-for-profits. At Fisch we realize that the Solution is more important than the product. We are laser focused on providing our clients the solutions to make their organizations run more efficiently by eliminating their pain points. To see what we can do for your organization take a look at some of the services we provide and solutions we implemented to solve our clients pain points:

Onsite Phones

Business Phone Systems

Cloud and on premise phone systems.

Solution: Save money and beat the complexity of a phone system by moving to a simple to manage system that you can easily expand on.

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Server Rack

IT Consulting

Onsite and remote PC / MAC / Server support. New and used system sales. System rentals.

Solution: On-time and accurate response to your IT needs is our focus. Providing our clients solutions that help their organization and in the budget they desire is how we do it.

[ See our general IT services. ]

Fisch Cloud Computing Services - Get your business in the cloud all for one price!

E-Mail, online file sharing, web app single sign on, Office 365, Skype for Business,and a cloud based phone system.

Solution: The cloud offers you the most cost effective way to get enterprise solutions into your office. Get all your office needs bundled into one low monthly cost.

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Fisch Solutions Cloud Computing Services

Custom Software

SpottedDog ROVER - Fire / EMS Response Software, NowForce - Campus / School / Police Response Software, Golden Apple - Fruit Picking Software, EMS CME Manager - CME Management Software.

Solution: Not all software can solve all of your business needs. We can custom build you software that can solve your companies needs.

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Spotted Dog Technologies
LCS Companies

Compliance Audits

State Comptroller, HIPAA, and PCI Compliance Services and Audits

Solution: Many organizations don't even realize the regulations that they should be following. We can make sure not only you meet these required standards, but you also have a plan to maintain them.

Fire Department Solutions

Software, Apparatus Technology Solutions, Mobile Devices, and Audits.

Solution: No one knows IT and the fire industry better than Fisch. Our unique staff of firefighters who are also IT technicians allows us to better server your organization.

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Marlboro Hose Co 1

TLC Pediatrics

Network, Security, & Structured Wiring

Setup a VPN network for multiple offices for one of the largest pediatric practices in the southern NY region.

Network Security · Network Support · Secure Records Platform



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