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Your information technology systems needs to be online 100% of the time and if it goes down, you need it back online as fast as possible. Fisch Solutions offers the IT components to make sure you have a productive system as well as services to prevent downtime and to respond to issues when they occur. In addition our firm offers implementation and training on many of the business software products to make sure all aspects of your system are covered.


IT Solutions

We treat every issue as an emergency. We are here to provide both phone support as well as onsite support for all your IT issues. Our trained technicians can work to solve most common issues with various hardware and software components, including:

  • Windows-Based PCs and Servers
  • Apple-Based Macs and Servers
  • Many Popular Business Software Suites
  • Networks

With that in mind, we offer two very flexible options to work with us.

  • By the Hour (Break / Fix) – We come onsite as needed. If it is an issue or you need a new system upgraded, you pay us by the hour.
  • Managed Service Provider (MSP) – You pay an affordable monthly retainer and all your services are included per month. The service also includes:
    1. Live Monitoring of Your Systems



FIS is able to provide individual employees, groups of employees, or an entire firm with both powerpoint and hands-on training of many technology systems. From training on hardware such as a laptop or desktop to software such as Quickbooks, we are able to show you how to get the most out of your systems.

Preventive Maintenance Contracts

The cost of a new system can be very taxing on a business, that is why it is so critical for a company to maintain its current system on a preventive basis. The earlier a problem can be discovered and taken care of, usually means the cheaper and easier it is to fix.

Our preventive maintenance services keep your components running smoothly and help your business to have minimal downtime. On either a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly basis; FIS will conduct a series of critical as well as recommended tasks that include diagnosis, physical cleaning of components, and system maintenance tasks.

Our trained technicians are able to perform these tasks on laptops, desktops, servers, network hardware, and other similar components.

Assest Disposal

Is your hardware from 5 or 10 years ago building up in your closet? Fisch Internet Solutions offers a way to dispose of those paperweights in a safe and environmentally sound way. We will make sure all components are safely disposed of and all data remaining on the hard drives of those devices are either destroyed or scrubbed.

Computer / Tech Rentals

Do you have a big event planned? Do you need several tech devices for a temporary location? Fisch has your answer! We can provide you Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Printers, Projectors, Screens, and just about anything else you can think of for a very affordable rate! Plus we can hand deliver the devices, set them up, and then pick them up.
Interested? Find Out More About Our Rentals


With everyday becoming more and more busy, it becomes critical to have everything handled by one expert. At FIS, we not only plan and implement your systems, we can provide the components that will backbone it. We constantly strive to make more partnerships with direct manufacturers and wholesale/ distributors to offer out clients the finest products at the best prices.

Although we are a Lenovo (IBM) and SonicWALL partner, we could never form direct partnerships with every computer component manufacturer. For this reason we have formed partnerships with distributors for products such as memory, monitors, printers, and even computers. We have formed direct partnerships with the best distributors to offer our clients great values on their everyday computer needs. Just take a look at some of the great brands we offer our clients through our distributors:  

Distribution Manufacters


Lenovo PartnerWhen you read famous PC magazines like PC MagazineNew Window Link Icon External Link or PC WorldNew Window Link Icon External Link, they often conduct some of the most rugged test in the industry on laptops. We are proud to be a business partner with the line of laptops that more times than not are ranked the #1 business laptop. Lenovo New Window Link Icon External Link, IBM‘s personal computer line, is the third largest PC manufacturer in the world.

From the legendary Thinkpad laptops to the new ThinkServers, we can provide you with the industry’s top personal computer and small business servers. Take a look at what Lenovo offers your business:


Lenovo’s ThinkPad laptops are the staple of the company. They are what made the company so famous, for a durable and usable business laptop. The ThinkPad line offers it’s SL line to caterer towards the small businesses that are on a tight budget to the W series for those who need the latest device in the market as a desktop replacement.

The Thinkpads offer the features your business or organization needs in order to keep their laptops online and being productive. Standard features on almost all of the devices includes:

Lenovo laptop demonstrating its keyboard drain

  • Keyboard Spill Drain – Most ThinkPads come with a standard spill-resistant keyboard that protects the internal components of the ThinkPad by funneling spilled liquid to a drain hole in the bottom of the system.
  • Hard/Storage Drive Impact Protection – ThinkPad notebooks use a rubber isolator and metal cage to physically protect the hard/storage drive. And the ThinkVantage® Active Protection System™ (on models with traditional magnetic hard drives) uses an accelerometer to monitor movement of the system and stop the drive and help protect against damage when a fall or similar event is detected.
  • Combined Hardware/Software Security – Select ThinkPad models feature the Trusted Platform Module 1.2, Client Security Solution software, and the Integrated Fingerprint Reader for a seamlessly integrated security package. Additional available security features include 32-byte pre-boot passwords, Lo-Jack tracking of a stolen device, and the ability to disable input/output ports at the BIOS level.
  • Roll Cage Technology – ThinkPad notebooks get their "solid" feel thanks to innovative ThinkPad "Roll Cage" technology – a collection of durability features that add extra strength and rigidity to the notebook shell and, in select models, the top cover.

Lenovo laptop cut away showing its integrated roll cage


A netbook is a laptop that is about the size of a portable DVD player at a very affordable price point. Lenovo’s netbook’s are just shy of three pounds, feature a 10.1" screen, integrated web cam, and card reader for your digital camera. The device features a one button recovery that will restore the device to factory state by a push of a button. In addition the small form factor allows the netbook to be stowed in a purse, back, or backpack for easy transportation.


The ThinkCentre desktop computers offer state-of-the-art security along with rock-solid reliability on a platform designed for business. The desktops feature convenient features like tooless-entry for easy maintenance and ThinkVantage software suite for system management  tools.

In addition, Lenovo Desktops are proud to be one of the most environmental friendly systems being Energy Star, EPEAT Gold, and GREENGUARD certified. In addition Lenovo desktops offer features such as advanced power management and optional solar power units.

Lenovo desktops feature advanced security options also including USB port disablers to prevent the stealing of data internally, chassis intrusion detection  to prevent system tampering, and bio-metric fingerprint scanning for system access.


The flagship performance computer, Lenovo ThinkStation, is a workstation that is designed for heavy graphic and computer intensive applications. These devices are all certified with ISV to run the most demanding workstation based applications. In addition, these devices also meet many of the industries environmental standards so that they not only perform well, but also do not hurt the environment in doing so.

Inside and out, these units offer many useful features. Physical features include superior cable management, easy access to internal components, innovative thermal design for a cooler machine in a quieter manner. Those features coupled with the latest in technology, place the ThinkStation as an industry leader.


Lenovo ThinkServers have one thing in mind, the small business. Offered as both a tower and rack mountable blade server form factor, these units are designed for cost efficiency. Features like EasyStartup get your server up and running as quick as possible, while EasyUpdate keeps the server up to date. All of the components are designed with small operating cost in mind.

Easy hot swapable drives and industry leading software make sure your system stays online and is easy to fix if it goes down. With many memory, hard drive, and operating system options; there is a ThinkServer perfect for your small business.